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“Implant Consulting Agency”

Mrs. Stefania Mariotti is the owner of Implantologia Network and serves as the personal implant consultant for Dr. Prof. Roberto Conte. Additionally, she oversees the complete management of patients, from initial contact and hotel arrangements to transportation and interpretation services. She also conducts initial consultations alongside Prof. Roberto Conte. Contact via WhatsApp at +39 328 451 1741.

“In a black velvet container, a gift is safeguarded—a Circular of Authorship that bestows upon its wearer a promise of eternal youth, uncontrollable by time.”

“With meticulous attention, each prosthesis has been carefully crafted by the skilled hands of the master artisan, reflecting the essence of an authentic work of art. Black velvet boxes, adorned with the brand logo in contrast, gracefully house these circular treasures. Each engraved symbol is more than a mere label; it is a symbol of prestige, of timeless quality. The Circular of Authorship is a promise of eternal youth, a harmonious fusion of functionality and beauty in a timeless experience.”

“The agency in Modena is a consulting implant agency for all patients in the Emilia Romagna region, serving as a reference point for solutions related to severe atrophies of the upper jaw in the posterior bone areas. The Modena office acts as the initial consultation point for patients affected by these conditions, managing and guiding them, and then leading them to the central office in Padua for a specialized consultation with Prof. Roberto Conte. This may eventually lead to a proper intervention to address and resolve these unpleasant and bothersome atrophies that cause discomfort to our patients.”

“Specialized Consultancy: Bridging Emilia Romagna to Advanced Dental Solutions”
Step into our realm of specialized consultancy, where our center in Padua meets Emilia-Romagnan patients through an exclusive agency in Modena. A fusion of expertise and support, led by Prof. Roberto Conte, offering optimal dental solutions.

“Emilia Romagna Hub: Guiding Patients to Excellent Dental Solutions at Our Modena Agency”
The heart of Emilia Romagna finds its focal point in Modena, where we provide in-depth consultation for precise diagnoses. A strategic agency, the bridge between the desire for dental health and Prof. Conte’s surgical excellence in Padua.

“360° Dental Consultancy: Our Modena Studio as a Guide to Advanced Surgical Solutions”
Nestled in the heart of Modena, our consultancy agency provides a meeting point for those seeking detailed information about their dental health. A secure way to avoid errors and choose the most suitable surgical technique for lasting dental health.

“Navigating Dental Health: Emilia Romagna Agency Leads Patients to Prof. Roberto Conte’s Center in Padua”
A journey to optimal dental health begins with our agency in Modena. A bridge connecting Emilia-Romagnan patients to Prof. Roberto Conte’s center of excellence in Padua for the best dental solutions.

“Reliable Dental Support in Emilia Romagna: Informed Decisions for Your Dental Health”
Our agency in Emilia Romagna offers reliable support, ensuring informed and secure decisions to tackle dental health challenges. A step forward toward oral well-being.

“Padua Connection: Specialized Dental Consultancy Agency in Modena for Emilia Romagnan Patients”
A close link between Modena and Padua, where the consultancy agency provides specialized guidance to Emilia-Romagnan patients. Optimal dental choices within reach for all.

“Optimizing Dental Choices: Emilia Romagnan Patients Access Expert Consultancy in Modena”
Making smart choices for dental health is possible with our consultancy agency in Modena. A personalized experience for every Emilia-Romagnan patient.

“Smart Dental Decisions: Emilia Romagnan Patients Benefit from Expert Consultancy in Modena”
In Emilia Romagna, the Modena agency is where smart dental decisions take shape. A secure guide for a successful dental health journey.

“Advanced Dental Solutions: Modena Agency Guides Emilia Romagnan Patients to Surgical Excellence”
For those seeking advanced dental solutions, the agency in Modena is the beacon that lights the way to Prof. Roberto Conte’s surgical excellence in Padua.

“Strategic Dental Choices: Emilia Romagnan Patients Access Expert Consultancy in Modena”
Our agency in Modena is the strategic hub for those wanting to make informed and guided choices for dental health. A targeted approach to your best dental care.

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