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Dental Implants Costs comparison London VS Italy

Dental Implants Costs in London

Our premium quality implant prices are extremely competitive compared to other specialist implant dentists in London and we include a monthly payment option. The cost of dental implants in London varies enormously depending on the quality of implant and the location and experience of the implantologists.

Our prices at Implantologia NetworkDental Practice take into account our:

✓ Unrivalled experience – The outstanding skills and experience of our expert dentists who have been implanting teeth for many years now.

✓ Top quality implants – We only use high quality implants from either Tutte le tipologia di impianti in conseguenza alle neessita del paziente
✓ Premium quality service – The quality of care you will receive at our dental practice goes above and beyond your standard dentist.

✓ Fantastic genuine patient reviews – Our numerous 5 star reviews from patients will also confirm our dedication to successfully placing dental implants.

We strongly advise against going for cheap dental implants as in the long run you can end up with an even bigger repair bill. Dental implants are definetly one of the treatments where it pays to spend a bit extra on an experienced and specialist implant dentist.
Our dental implant costs

The final cost of your dental implants can only be given after you have had a consultation with us. We will send you a very detailed treatment plan with full costs a few days after your appointment.

However, you can view our standard dental implant charges below:

Here is the price list of services in the LONDON, detailing all individual items, from dental implants to bone grafting, large maxillary sinus lifts, dental crowns, and their respective costs.

Tariff price list costs in Italy include items such as grafts and augmentations. However, thanks to the Galileus Cerclage Sinus® technique, we can avoid these procedures. We have created an all-inclusive price that covers everything, totaling £15,900.

Standard Rates for Dental Implants

Here are our standard rates for various procedures related to dental implants:

  1. Consultation with Implant Specialist (includes all small X-rays)
    • Price: £270
  2. 3D CT Scan X-ray for precise and final planning (to be paid at the imaging center)
    • Starting from: £100
  3. Diagnostic analysis, in-depth discussion of options, risk/benefit assessment, consent, and construction of a surgical stent
    • Starting from: £450
  4. Implant placement
    • Starting from: £2,200
  5. Ceramic crown supported by implant
    • Starting from: £2,200
  6. Implantation and crown for a single unit (all-inclusive)
    • Starting from: £5,500
  7. Block bone graft
    • Starting from: £1,500
  8. Soft tissue graft (gum)
    • Starting from: £750
  9. Maxillary sinus lift/bone graft
    • Starting from: £1,500
  10. Provisional plastic crown for implant
    • Starting from: £550
  11. Gold bar and attachments to support the implant-retained dental prosthesis
    • Starting from: £1,500
  12. Intravenous sedation (for very complex/long cases or very anxious patients, to be paid to the anesthetist)
    • £350/hour
  13. Prescription for medications
    • Free

You will benefit from the expertise and experience of our main and specialist dentists in Oral Surgery and Dental Prosthetics, WITH A LOT OF EXPERIENCE.

Please note that the final cost of the treatment will be determined after a personalized consultation, and we will send you a detailed plan with all costs within a few days of the appointment.

Comprehensive Fixed Dental Implantology with Galileus Cerclage Sinus® Technique £15,900 Package:

Offer of Fixed Dental Implantology with Galileus Cerclage Sinus® – What’s Included in the £15,900 Package:

In our clinic, we provide fixed dental implantology services tailored to patients facing significant bone atrophy issues. Employing advanced surgical techniques, including our patented Galileus Cerclage Sinus® technique developed and registered by Dr. Prof. Roberto Conte, we offer an immediate solution to posterior alveolar bone atrophy in the upper jaw without resorting to grafts or lifts.

The entire procedure for the full jaw is presented as an all-inclusive, flat-rate package at £15,900, covering all costs comprehensively and definitively.

What’s Included in the £15,900 Package:

1. Visit, CT Scan, and Panoramic:

  • In-depth evaluation of the clinical situation.
  • Computerized tomography and panoramic imaging for a comprehensive overview.

2. Extractions and Cleaning:

  • Removal of all compromised dental elements.
  • Extraction of any remaining roots, cysts, or granulomas.
  • Thorough cleaning of infected periodontal tissue, including regenerative bone plastic.

3. Placement of Dental Implants:

  • Insertion of a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 9 implants, depending on the conditions of the remaining bone.

4. Immediate Load and Temporary Prosthesis:

  • Immediate load application on the implant area.
  • Insertion of a temporary fixed dental prosthesis in composite material with 10/12 teeth, providing temporary masticatory and aesthetic function for approximately 6 months.

5. Replacement with Definitive Prosthesis:

  • After 6 months, replacement of the temporary prosthesis with a definitive one in zirconia ceramic, comprising 14 teeth, ensuring complete frontal and posterior masticatory function.

This meticulously crafted solution by the Italian Master Craftsmanship Prosthetist guarantees unparalleled aesthetics, devoid of false gums, delivering a natural smile, and ensuring complete patient satisfaction, particularly among women.

This is what you will get with these techniques an all on 4 or an all on 6

This is what you will get with us with Galileus Cerclage Sinus®

All on 4 all on four implantology surgical techniqueGalileus Cerclage Sinus®:
All on 6 all on four implantology surgical techniqueGalileus Cerclage Sinus®:

Here you can see the differences between the techniques prima all on 4 VS This is what you will get with us with Galileus Cerclage Sinus®

Here you can see the differences between the techniques prima all on 6 VS This is what you will get with us with Galileus Cerclage Sinus®

Fixed dental prosthesis in definitive composite 12 teeth with fake gum for All on 4/6®

Zirconium ceramic prosthesis 14 teeth without false gum for Galileus Cerclage Sinus®

Comparing Galileus Technique with All on 4 and All on 6: Unveiling the Differences

  1. To better illustrate the differences, we have compared two surgical techniques, as shown in the images:
  2. a. All on 4 VS Galileus Cerclage Sinus®
  3. b. All on 6 VS Galileus Cerclage Sinus®

The images provide a clearer understanding of the distinctions:

  1. The first difference with Galileus Cerclage Sinus®:avoiding grafts and lifts.
  1. The second difference: support dental implants around the entire perimeter of the upper jaw to achieve all teeth, including the deep molars.Aesthetically, the Galileus Cerclage Sinus® technique eliminates the need for a false gum. It is crafted by hand and tailored to the patient’s anatomy for unparalleled masticatory and aesthetic function, offering a very natural appearance.

The prosthesis of the Galileus Cerclage Sinus® technique is crafted from zirconia ceramic with 14 teeth, devoid of artificial gums.

Comparing Traditional Surgeries and Toronto Bridge Prosthetics with Galileus Cerclage Sinus®: Aesthetic Excellence Without Fake Gums

Difference between classic conventional surgeries and Toronto Bridge prosthetics with a false gingiva in composite 12 teeth vs. Galileus Cerclage Sinus®. The protocol of the Toronto Bridge includes a fixed prosthesis of 14 teeth in zirconia ceramic, meticulously crafted and customized to the anatomy and physiognomy. This approach aims to achieve highly aesthetic results, as seen in the natural-looking photos, without the use of artificial gums.

Revolutionizing Implant Surgery: Galileus Cerclage Sinus® for Atrophic Patients in the U

Here are the potential outcomes that an atrophic patient without sufficient bone in the posterior areas of the upper jaw in the lONDOND can achieve by completely avoiding both autologous bone grafts and extensive maxillary sinus lifts through our exclusive Galileus Cerclage Sinus® surgical technique:

  1. Surgical Advantages:
    • No need for autologous bone grafts.
    • Avoidance of large maxillary sinus lifts.
    • Utilization of the proprietary Galileus Cerclage Sinus® technique.
  2. Functional Benefits:
    • Exceptional chewing functionality.
  3. Dental Prostheses:
    • Fixed dental prostheses with 14 zirconium ceramic teeth.
  4. Natural Aesthetics:
    • Achieving a natural aesthetic appearance.
    • Smile without the use of artificial rubber gum.

In comparison to the alternative options such as All on 4, All on 6, and 4 zygomatic implants, our Galileus Cerclage Sinus® technique offers a tailored solution for patients facing atrophic conditions in the upper jaw. This approach provides unique advantages in terms of surgical procedures, functional capabilities, dental prosthetics, and natural aesthetics, ensuring a comprehensive and innovative implant rehabilitation experience.

If you are considering alternatives, it’s essential to weigh the benefits and considerations of each option, and consulting with an experienced dentist can help determine the most suitable approach based on your specific needs and circumstances.

Fixed Dental Implantology with Galileus Cerclage Sinus® Technique: Comprehensive Package at £15,900

  1. Skills and Experience: Benefit from the expertise and experience of our lead dentist and Extreme Oral Surgery specialist, Dr. Prof. Roberto Conte. With over 3000 cadaver dissections, Dr. Conte is an expert in human anatomy, reflecting superior knowledge in procedural implantoprosthesis results.
    • Prosthetic Dentistry expert with over 40 years of experience in implantology and dentistry.
    • Recognized as a leading expert in dental implants in London and internationally.
    • Speaker at national and international events on topics related to extreme bone atrophies.
  2. Innovative Technique: Creator of the Galileus Cerclage Sinus® technique, resolving 90-100% of severe posterior atrophies of the upper jaw. Beyond cosmetic and aesthetic aspects, it offers innovative solutions for specific anatomical challenges.
  3. Financing Options:
    • Implants may seem costly initially but are economically advantageous in the long run without damaging adjacent teeth.
    • Costs distributed during the course of the treatment plan.
    • Priority treatment, conducted at a pace determined by clinical needs and patient preferences.
  4. Additional Costs related to Dental Implants:
    • In the unlikely event of incomplete integration of an implant, extra time for healing or organization of free removal and replacement.
    • Occasional minor surgical procedures to enhance soft tissue adaptation.
  5. Fixed Dental Implant Procedure: At our center, we provide fixed dental implantology services for severe atrophic patients, using advanced surgical techniques.
    • Galileus Cerclage Sinus® technique to resolve posterior alveolar bone atrophy.
    • Flat-rate procedure presented in a unique and definitive package at £15,900.
  6. Package Inclusions £15,900:
    • Visit, CT scan, and panoramic X-ray.
    • Extractions of compromised elements, residual roots, cysts, granulomas.
    • Thorough cleaning of infected periodontal tissue with regenerative bone plastic.
    • Insertion of 6-9 implants based on residual bone conditions.
    • Immediate load on the implant area and insertion of a provisional fixed dental prosthesis.
    • Replacement with a definitive zirconia ceramic prosthesis after 6 months.
  7. Guarantee and Satisfaction:
    • Extra time with the patient to discuss aesthetic and functional obstacles.
    • Priority procedures implemented before surgical intervention.
    • Guarantee of a fixed, functional dentition with impeccable and natural aesthetics, without false gums.

Our goal is to ensure complete patient satisfaction, especially for women, with a natural smile and a fixed dentition of 14 teeth around the entire upper jaw axis.

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