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Virtual Surgical Solution Overview

Personalized Approach to Dental Implantology

As seen in the example of another clinical case managed by us for a patient in London, our approach is based on a thorough evaluation of the patient’s panoramic view. Once Dr. Prof. Roberto Conte has personally reviewed your panoramic view, we will proceed to translate his indications into a detailed graphic project for the implant surgical solution.

What You Can Expect:

  1. Detailed Assessment by Dr. Prof. Roberto Conte:
    • Personalized analysis of your clinical situation.
    • Specific indications for the implant surgical solution.
  2. Translation into a Graphic Project:
    • Transformation of indications into a detailed graphic project.
    • Clear understanding of the suggested surgical path.
  3. Crucial Information about the Dental Prosthesis:
    • Details about the recommended type of dental prosthesis.
    • Technical characteristics, composition material, masticatory extension.
    • Aesthetic options with or without false gum.


This approach allows us to provide you with preliminary information with a precision level of 80-100%, based on the indications of Dr. Prof. Roberto Conte. We remain at your disposal to answer further questions or to start this personalized journey towards your dental implantology.

Advantages of Implant Service and Consultation

Our graphical implant prediction service offers invaluable benefits by providing insights from the experience of one of the world’s top implantologists, as voted by our patients—the most reliable source for opinions—Dr. Prof. Roberto Conte, with over 45 years of experience. This specialized information is invaluable and will be beneficial to you regardless of your decision to proceed or not with the treatment at our facility.

Why Use This Service:

  • World-Class Consultation:
    • Information provided by one of the world’s foremost experts in implantology.
    • Over 45 years of experience in the field.
  • Advanced Knowledge of Techniques:
    • Expertise in advanced techniques, including the placement of pterygoid dental implants and pterygopalatine atrophic implantology.
  • Error Prevention:
    • Full understanding of current dental conditions and recommended surgical techniques.
    • Avoiding incorrect decisions and obtaining the best solution for your needs.
  • Guidance in Choosing the Best Technique:
    • Clear information to ask questions, compare, and make informed decisions.
    • Avoiding suboptimal solutions and ensuring the desired aesthetic result.

Opting for this service allows you to receive high-level consultation directly from your home, provided by a world-renowned professional like Dr. Prof. Roberto Conte. These specialized insights are a unique opportunity, so take advantage of them to gain a thorough understanding of your case.

The patient’s panoramic view can be submitted for our evaluation through WhatsApp, email, or the dedicated form on the website. Choose the option that suits you best and send us your panoramic view to initiate the assessment of your clinical case. We are available for any further questions or assistance you may need.

Procedura dopo la Visione della Panoramica da Parte del Dr. Prof. Roberto Conte

Dopo aver ricevuto e visionato la panoramica del paziente, il Dr. Prof. Roberto Conte fornirà indicazioni dettagliate su come procedere, basate sulle attuali condizioni riscontrate. Traduciamo poi visivamente la tecnica chirurgica sulla panoramica, mostrando al paziente come e dove verranno posizionati gli impianti dentali per risolvere il caso definitivamente.

Cosa Puoi Aspettarti:

  1. Indicazioni Personalizzate dal Dr. Prof. Roberto Conte:
    • Informazioni sulla tecnica chirurgica più adatta alle tue condizioni.
    • Chiara spiegazione delle fasi del procedimento.
  2. Traduzione Visiva sulla Panoramica:
    • Visualizzazione della tecnica chirurgica sulla tua panoramica.
    • Illustrazione dettagliata di dove e come saranno inseriti gli impianti.
  3. Dettagli sulla Protetica Dentale:
    • Tipo di protesi dentale consigliata (fissa definitiva).
    • Numero di denti, posizionamento e supporto dell’impianto.
    • Possibilità di carico immediato, tipo di masticazione e estetica sia provvisoria che definitiva, con o senza finta gengiva.

Questa procedura mira a fornirti una comprensione completa delle opzioni disponibili, consentendoti di prendere decisioni informate sul tuo percorso di trattamento. Siamo qui per rispondere a ulteriori domande o per discutere qualsiasi dettaglio aggiuntivo di cui hai bisogno.

Clinical Solution Proposals by Dr. Prof. Roberto Conte

After examining the overview, Dr. Prof. Roberto Conte will develop two clinical plans with distinct solutions. The first option aims to provide an optimal mechanical solution, allowing for the immediate implementation of a fixed dental prosthesis. Two different dental prostheses will be presented as alternatives, giving the patient the opportunity to choose based on their preferences.

The second option, considered the most comprehensive, will be formulated as the best surgical technique to definitively address the patient’s dental condition. This solution stands out for its completeness, with an optimal number of dental implants and an advanced aesthetic approach. The implants will be positioned throughout the perimeter of the upper arch, ensuring maximum coverage and the best possible chewing function.

Features of the Second Option:

  • Complete number of dental implants for optimal stability.
  • Extended placement of implants throughout the perimeter of the upper arch.
  • Superior chewing function and impeccable aesthetics.
  • Handcrafted and customized prosthesis, with the maximum number of teeth if anatomy allows.
  • Option without artificial gums for a natural and impeccable aesthetic result.

Dr. Prof. Roberto Conte will be happy to discuss both options thoroughly with you, addressing any questions or concerns you may have.

Complete Dental Implantology: Cutting-Edge Fixed Surgical Solution

If you are in search of the utmost quality in dental implantology procedures, with an innovative fixed surgical solution performed only once and lasting a lifetime, you are in the right place. We guarantee the best possible surgery, with implantology distributed throughout the entire perimeter of the upper and lower jaw.

The Best Implant Surgeon with Extensive Experience

We collaborate with the best implant surgeon, an expert in the anatomical memory of the mouth and the human head. Our priority is to provide you with the maximum chewing function, using the best available fixed dental prosthetics made with advanced materials such as zirconium ceramic.

Highly Natural Aesthetics Tailored for You

Do you desire impeccable aesthetic results without compromises? Forget standard solutions like the Toronto Bridge. We offer highly natural aesthetics, handcrafted and tailored to your physiognomy and anatomy. We closely follow your instructions to ensure a unique result exactly as you wish, without the presence of artificial gums.

We are here to bring every one of your requests to life because our mission is to exclusively create what you are and what you desire.


Get a Preliminary Project for Your Dental Implant

If you’re seeking a dental implant procedure tailored to your specific needs, we recommend sending us an overview of your mouth. You can receive a complimentary indicative pre-project online, providing preliminary information about your bone health and the surgical technique most suitable for your case.

What You’ll Receive:

  • Assessment of Your Current Mouth Conditions
  • Guidance on the Best Surgical Technique for Your Specific Case
  • Virtual Surgical Technique Design by Prof. Roberto Conte
  • Detailed Information on the Type of Dental Prosthesis (Temporary and Permanent)

How to Proceed:

Procedure for Sending Your Overview:

  1. Send via WhatsApp:
  2. Send via Email:
  3. Upload on the Website:
    • Upload your overview directly on our dedicated form on the website.

We respect your preference to avoid direct contact currently. By following one of the options above, you can receive preliminary information without the need for immediate communication. We remain available for any clarification or additional assistance you may require.

We look forward to assisting you comfortably from the comfort of your home, providing highly specialized information about your future dental implantology.

Indicative Cost of Dental Implantology – 80-100%

The preliminary and non-definitive information provided through the overview will allow an assessment of 80-100% of the total indicative cost for your dental implantology procedure. However, to obtain the definitive 100% quote, it will be necessary to schedule a medical visit and an in-person consultation at our implantology center with Dr. Prof. Roberto Conte.

What the 80-100% Cost Indication Covers:

  • Preliminary Assessment of Bone and Oral Health
  • Virtual Surgical Design
  • Preliminary Information on the Type of Dental Prosthesis and Materials Used

How to Get the 100% Real Quote:

  1. Book a Medical Visit and In-Person Consultation
  2. Meet Dr. Prof. Roberto Conte at Our Implantology Center
  3. Receive the Definitive Quote with All Surgical and Economic Specifications

We are here to guide you through every stage of the process, ensuring transparency and accuracy in defining the total cost for your dental implantology. Contact us to book your visit and get all the answers you seek.

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