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Welcome to the contacts section of our Specialist Center in Padova, Italy. We are here to answer your questions and assist you throughout your experience. Reach out to us easily through the following channels:

WhatsApp Send a message via WhatsApp to the number +393887527525. Our team will respond within 24 hours, ready to listen to your needs and provide all the information you require.

Email To send documents or emails, write to us at We will promptly respond to ensure comprehensive support.

Address If you prefer to visit us in person or send documentation by mail, our address is: Via G. Marconi, 115 35010 Mejaniga PD Italy


We are here to offer you the best surgical assistance and resolve your dental issues with functional and aesthetic solutions. Thank you for choosing our Specialist Center in Padova, led by Dr. Prof. Roberto Conte.

Important Information for Patients: Initial Visit with the Professor in Padua

We want to emphasize the importance of an initial visit with our professor in Padua before undergoing surgery or final aesthetics. During this visit, the professor will carefully assess the anatomical and physical parameters of the patient to determine if the necessary conditions exist to achieve the desired benefits with the Galileus Cerclage Sinus® technique.

  1. Surgery:
    • The decision to undergo surgery will be made by the professor based on his in-depth evaluation.
    • Anatomical and physical parameters will be considered to ensure the success of the intervention.
  2. Dental Aesthetics – Fixed Circulars Without False Gums:
    • For fixed circulars without false gums, especially for atrophic patients, a preliminary assessment is essential.
    • The visit with the professor will allow a close examination with specific investigative tools to determine if the parameters exist to ensure the expected result.
    • In the case of particular conditions, the professor may propose pre-intervention surgical technical solutions to optimize the final outcome.

The professor, an expert in aesthetics as well as surgery, is passionate about providing personalized solutions for each patient. His expertise allows for the assessment of individual situations and, if necessary, the proposal of small pre-surgical adjustments to maximize results.

We emphasize that the health and well-being of patients are our priority, and the final decision on the possibility of undergoing the Galileus Cerclage Sinus® technique will be made by the professor after a thorough evaluation.

To schedule your initial visit and obtain further information, contact us on WhatsApp at +39 3887527525. We will respond within 24 hours to assist you on the path to optimal oral health.

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