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Guide for London Patients: How to Reach the Specialized Center in Padua

Welcome to our Super Specialized Center in Padua, Italy, led by Dr. Prof. Roberto Conte. We are delighted to welcome patients from London who are eager to experience our advanced surgical technique. Here’s a simple guide on how to organize your visit.

Step 1: Initial Contact via WhatsApp

Begin your journey by sending us a message on WhatsApp at +39 388 7527525, the primary contact for managing patients from London.

Step 2: Trip Organization

After the initial contact, we will arrange your flights to Padua. By scheduling an appointment for an initial visit, we will assess flight options and provide all necessary information.

Step 3: Arrival in Padua

With a short flight, you’ll arrive at Padua Airport, where our center’s shuttle will welcome you. Inside, you’ll find an English-speaking interpreter to ensure seamless communication.

Step 4: Hotel Stay

Upon your arrival, we’ll take you to an affiliated hotel for your rest. If you prefer to have the visit immediately, you’ll be taken directly to the clinic by Dr. Prof. Roberto Conte.

Step 5: First Visit and Welcome at the Clinic

During the initial visit, you’ll meet Prof. Roberto Conte and discuss your specific case. We’ll accompany you back to the hotel for rest, offering the option to bring a guest with you.

Step 6: Assignment of Interpreter

We guarantee the presence of an English-speaking interpreter to facilitate communication throughout your stay.

End of the Journey: Return to London

After completing the visits and the preliminary process, our team will accompany you to Venice Marco Polo Airport. In just 2 hours, you’ll return to London, confident that you’ve made the right choice for your well-being.

Our commitment extends beyond the clinic; we ensure that your return is as smooth. Thank you for choosing us. Contact us at +393887527525 via WhatsApp; we’ll respond within 24 hours. To send documents or emails: or through the form on our website. If you have a CT scan, follow this [link](insert link).

Welcome to the Implantologists Network: Implant Consultant – Mrs. Stefania Mariotti

Staff of Dr. Prof Roberto Conte

Dr. Prof Roberto Conte’s Studio Via G. Marconi, 115 – 35010 Mejaniga PD, Italy


For detailed information about Dr. Prof Roberto Conte, visit the dedicated page on the website: Prof. Roberto Conte

Interpreter: The designated interpreter is a local professional selected through a specialized agency. These professionals are chosen for their competence and professionalism, ensuring effective communication during your stay.

Address: Via Antonio Locatelli, 45, 35123 Padova PD, Italy

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