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🌟 Welcome to Our Advanced Implant Surgery Center! 🌟

We are pioneers in the art of implant surgery, specializing in addressing even the most complex challenges of atrophic surgery. Our mission is to transform every smile, offering not only comprehensive rehabilitation but also impeccable chewing function and lasting beauty.

Galileus Cerclage Sinus® – A Unique Masterpiece: Exclusively from us, we bring you the revolutionary technique of Galileus Cerclage Sinus®, a unique gem internationally. With this cutting-edge methodology, we go beyond traditional rehabilitation, providing not only 14 zirconia ceramic teeth for complete chewing but extending this magic to molars, ensuring extraordinary functionality and unprecedented aesthetics. Forget about false gums; embrace an authentic and radiant smile!

🌐 International, Innovative, Impeccable: Our team of implant surgeons attracts patients from around the world, drawn by our reputation for excellence. Our expertise in atrophic surgery and advanced use of cortical basal bones position us as undisputed leaders in the field of implantology.

💡 The Perfect Solution for Every Case: Regardless of your issue, we have the right solution! Thanks to our cutting-edge techniques, we propose implant insertion strategies even in atrophic areas, overcoming challenges with confidence and success.

🌈 A Smile That Speaks of Excellence: Our results speak for themselves. Each patient is a testimonial to our dedication to perfection. Your smile will not only be restored but transformed into a masterpiece.

🔒 Our Promise: Your satisfaction is our priority. Every step of our journey is designed to offer not only extraordinary results but also an unparalleled experience. Trust in our services is the foundation upon which we build lasting smiles.

Contact us now and discover how we can make your smile a symbol of excellence! 🌟✨

1. Initial Assessment and Planning:

  • Warm patient welcome and collection of medical history information.
  • In-depth clinical examination and radiographic analysis to assess oral health.
  • Detailed treatment planning, including options for implants, positioning, and prosthetic materials.

2. Clear Communication and Informed Consent:

  • Detailed explanation of proposed procedures, benefits, and potential risks.
  • Sharing personalized treatment plans.
  • Obtaining informed consent from the patient.

3. Preliminary Preparation:

  • Possible preparatory interventions, such as tooth extractions or treatments for gum health.
  • Pre-operative prescriptions and patient instructions.

4. Surgical Implant Insertion:

  • Procedure for the insertion of dental implants, with attention to precision and patient comfort.
  • Use of advanced techniques such as All-on-4 or Galileus Cerclage Sinus® if indicated.

5. Healing and Osseointegration Phase:

  • Period during which implants integrate into the surrounding bone.
  • Monitoring gum health and progress of osseointegration.

6. Provisional Prosthetics or Immediate Loading (if appropriate):

  • Fixation of provisional prosthetics for immediate comfort and functionality, if indicated.

7. Design and Realization of Definitive Prosthetics:

  • Creation of custom-made definitive prosthetics, considering aesthetics and functionality.
  • Precise adaptation of the prosthetics for proper occlusion and comfort.

8. Follow-up and Maintenance:

  • Follow-up visits to monitor the health of implants and prosthetics.
  • Possible adjustments or modifications to optimize long-term results.

9. Patient Education:

  • Detailed instructions on post-operative oral hygiene practices.
  • Advice for the daily maintenance of implants and prosthetics.

10. Future Treatments and Long-Term Follow-up:

  • Planning for any future treatments or adjustments.
  • Regular follow-ups to ensure the ongoing health of implants and patient satisfaction.

These procedures outline a comprehensive and professional approach to providing implantology services, ensuring attention to every stage of the patient’s journey. Excellence in implant dentistry requires a continual commitment to quality and patient care.

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