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Dr. Prof. Roberto Conte

Prof. Roberto Conte – Clinical Coordinator “NYU Tutor Project in Italy”

Prof. Roberto Conte’s Profile

Prof. Roberto Conte is an esteemed implant surgeon with over 40 years of experience in the field. He obtained his Medical and Surgical degree from the University of Padua in 1977 and has been registered with the Medical and Dental Association of Padua since June 9, 1978. In 2002, he completed a postgraduate specialization in implantology at New York University, with a focus on Pterygoid implants. Prof. Conte is also a lecturer in the implant anatomy specialization course at the University Jean Monnet Saint Etienne.

Professional Development

Prof. Conte has continuously pursued professional development to stay at the forefront of implantology techniques and technologies. He has completed specialized courses in implant anatomy at the University Claude Bernard Lyon and holds a diploma in implantology anatomy. Additionally, he actively participates in the “Zygomatic Implantology” Master’s program at the University.

Clinical Practice

Prof. Conte practices at two studios located at Via Marconi 115, Cadoneghe (Padua), and Via Ada Negri, Oria Brindisi. His dedication to providing the highest quality care is evident in his commitment to staying updated with the latest advancements in implantology.

Contributions to Implantology

Prof. Conte has made significant contributions to the field of implantology. He is the developer of the Galileus Cerclage Sinus surgical technique, which addresses severe atrophies of the posterior upper jaw. Through extensive cadaver dissections, he has refined his skills and successfully implemented this technique in numerous cases. The Galileus Cerclage Sinus technique involves surrounding the maxillary sinuses with two robust dental implants and anchoring the pterygoid implant in the alveolar bone and palatine-pterygoid basal bone. This innovative approach eliminates the need for grafts, large lifts, and other procedures, providing patients with a more efficient and effective solution.

Expertise in Complex Procedures

Prof. Conte excels in complex procedures such as zygomatic and pterygoid implants, Galileus Cerclage Sinus interventions, and subperiosteal implantation grid procedures. His expertise allows him to tailor interventions for highly atrophic cases, providing patients with customized treatment plans.

Anatomical and Physiognomic Studies

Prof. Conte dedicates time to in-depth studies of anatomy and physiognomy. By understanding the individual patient’s characteristics, he develops personalized implant-prosthetic protocols that ensure optimal outcomes.

Commitment to Patient Care

Prof. Conte is committed to providing the highest level of care to his patients. Each implant-prosthetic intervention is tailored to the specific needs of the patient, ensuring that they receive customized and high-quality solutions for their clinical case.

Contributions to Education

Prof. Conte actively contributes to the “NYU Tutor Project in Italy,” which aims to train and develop implantology professionals. His expertise and dedication make him an invaluable resource in educating the next generation of implantology practitioners.

Publications and Conferences

Prof. Conte has published articles in reputable dental journals such as Dental Cadmos in Italy and ZMK Dentistry, Management, and Culture in Germany. He has also presented conferences on implantology in various locations, including Belgrade, Essen, and New York, further sharing his knowledge and expertise with the global dental community.

Global Impact

Prof. Roberto Conte is recognized as a pioneer in global dental implantology. His innovative surgical technique, the Galileus Cerclage Sinus, has addressed complex challenges and set new standards in the field. His contributions have had a significant impact on the world of dental implantology, benefiting both patients and professionals alike.

Note: The information provided is a synthesis of Prof. Roberto Conte’s profile and contributions in the field of implantology. For more detailed or specific information, it is recommended to refer to official publications or contact Prof. Conte directly.

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