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The Implant-Prosthetic Technique of Galileus Cerclage Sinus®: Beyond Atrophy, a Comprehensive Solution

The complete implant-prosthetic surgery of Galileus Cerclage Sinus® is not exclusively reserved for atrophic patients. It is considered the best available implant surgery, affirmed not only by our team but also by patients who have experienced it. Those with negative experiences with other implant techniques have an authoritative voice in providing opinions based on their life and health.

Details of the Surgical Technique of Galileus Cerclage Sinus®:

  • Planned Surgery:
    • The strategic placement of implants is carefully planned, ensuring a solid foundation to support the prosthesis during chewing.
  • Optimized Chewing:
    • The precise location of implants directly influences the distribution of forces during chewing, optimizing masticatory function.
  • Advanced Prosthesis Design:
    • Prosthesis design goes beyond aesthetic appearance. Every detail, from size to shape, is carefully considered to ensure optimal biomechanical function.
  • Osseointegration and Neurological Response:
    • Implant osseointegration harmoniously integrates with the neurological response of the mouth during daily functions.
  • Personalized Aesthetic Approach:
    • Aesthetic design takes into account individual physiognomy and anatomy, ensuring that the smile is naturally integrated into the patient’s mouth.

Importance of Informed Choice:

To fully grasp the potential of this innovative technique, it is essential to delve into each aspect: from surgery to masticatory function and aesthetic design. Each of these components contributes synergistically to the success of the treatment.

In conclusion, choosing the best implant solution is not only about atrophy but a comprehensive and personalized approach. It is crucial to gather all necessary information to make informed decisions in one’s own interest, ensuring a functional and aesthetically satisfying smile for the future.

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